Distance Education Accrediting Body Overview

At Distance Education Accrediting Body, we work towards setting and improving the educational standards of online institutions. We also work with the online institutions and assist them in building their capacity while formulating educational policies, strategies and standards.

An overview of our main functions is given below:

Making sure that an online institution or a program offered by an online institution is meeting established standards.
Providing assistance to prospective students in determining acceptable online institutions.
Helping online institutions in identifying and formulating educational policies, strategies and standards.
Setting goals for self-improvement of weaker programs offered by online institutions and devising a general improvement of academic standards among online educational institutions.

Distance Education Accrediting Body Philosophy

Our philosophy lays our standards, evaluation, monitoring and reevaluation of the online institutions:

1. Standards:
At Distance Education Accrediting Body, we have our own set standards and benchmark and we evaluate each online institution and all the online educational programs as per those established standards.

2. Evaluation:
We have our own Evaluation Team that visits the institution or program to take first-hand information and check if the applicant institution is meeting the established standards.

3. Monitoring:
Once the evaluation is done, we monitor each accredited institution or program throughout a specific time period to verify that it continues to meet our standards.

4. Reevaluation:
Once the accreditation status is granted, we reevaluate each accredited institute periodically to ascertain the continuation of educational standards.
The DEAB announces annual Excellence Awards for institutions displaying exemplary standards in providing working adult education.